Join the Space Race! The Space Elevator is now Possible!

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The space elevator, dismissed by about 80% of scientists as impossible to create, has been demonstrated to function. Whereas it was long believed a space cable, no matter how strong and light-weight, will snap as gravity fights centrifugal force for a 60,000 mile long cable, a hose with a spiral-helix of multi-walled carbon nanotubes is highly elastic in radial hose direction, strong in perpendicular direction, the highest possible specific strength for reducing payloads (only 250 rocket missions needed to complete mission with one hose) and can be thickened at the center of mass to overcome breaking where it is most vulnerable, potentially only 100 times the diameter at ground level (1 meter versus 1 cm) with hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis used for rocket propellant at the end of hose in rare cases where computer sensors indicate hose may become too tight and break without backup. Spinning wheels at the end of the hose can be used as counterweights and can reduce the total hose length 23,000 miles, be used as space stations that simulate gravity through centrifugal force, and most importantly, they accelerate in their spins and cause torque pulling hose inward, powered by solar panels.

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